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We are going up..

Posted on 2015.08.08 at 09:55
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It doesn't happen very often so lets celebrate:


The only team to have any points in the entire 92 of the English league!

The Arts and Culture in Reading

Posted on 2015.07.14 at 10:00
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Reading Borough Council is proposing to close the South Street Arts Centre and sell the building in order to raise funds to plug the hole in its finances. Meanwhile, the council is planning to make next year "A Year of Culture"!

Of course, it blames government austerity cuts but it seems an incredibly short-term and short-sighted thing to do. Plugging a gap in funding by selling off an asset seems daft to me (and this is a Labour council remember).

Over three thousand local people, including me, have signed the online petition to save it:

South Bank Show: George R R Martin

Posted on 2015.06.08 at 19:24
Tuesday 9th June 22:10 Sky Arts.

Looks good.

Happy birthday

Posted on 2015.03.13 at 07:55

To miramon (and to my Mum and two other people i know today).

Terry Pratchett RIP

Posted on 2015.03.12 at 16:53
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On the ship over to Jersey for my first ever SF convention I was reading The Colour of Magic and I have never looked back!

So sudden. So unexpected. So sad.

Android 5 upgrade

Posted on 2014.12.09 at 10:04
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How annoying. My Nexus has downloaded the upgrade without asking my permission. Looking online the method of rolling back to version 4 looks horrendous so I doubt I will do that. I don't think there is any way I can stop it from proceeding with the upgrade when the Nexus is rebooted (if anyone knows a way to stop it happening please let me know). If there is I would.

All I can do now is not reboot the thing and keep it properly charged for as long as possible until I have to let it update. Too many horror stories of the Nexus grinding to a halt after the upgrade and some of the new "features" I have heard of are horrible and cannot be turned off or worked around.

I don't want it!

A big thank you to all concerned at Loncon 3

Posted on 2014.08.20 at 15:06
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I do not do con reports but...

It was a remarkable achievement and I did have a great time. This can be proved by the fact I went to bed early last night and needed 12 hours sleep so I only feel a little exhausted now!

Obviously, a big thank you to all my Ops colleagues who were a joy to work with and for.

I like the high and low points lists some have done so this is mine:


  • The Orchestra. Just superb.

  • The ten or so programme items I went to (believe me, for me this is a BIG number of items - I went to one Eastercon and didn't go to any items at all other than the ceremonies!)

  • The price of the beer - knowing how expensive London can be I was pleased the prices negotiated with the Excel were 30p less the pub we hold the Ton in. For all you non-Londoners who thought it was pricey, believe me it wasn't for London!

  • The library area was good although would have been better if it had been in a quiet space as well so killing two birds with one stone..

  • The general atmosphere in the Fan Village.

  • The sight of a young daughter of friends of mine laughing her head off as she chased the big white balloon, supervised by her dad, all over the lawn area on Monday.

  • The little dog trying (and succeeding) in catching the mini drone in the Dealers Room.

  • Working with the Black Ops team in the Pat Cave. My goodness it was black in there.

  • Meeting up with friends, some of whom I have not seen for a long time.

  • The home-made chocolate brownies someone brought into Ops - fabulous.

Less Highs

  • The Registration queue. I didn't quite hit it at the worst time but it was not a good first impression of the con.

  • The convention centre food was expensive and not very good. Hardly any sauces to put on your burger and uninspiring selection. I lost five pounds over the convention despite the drinking and the excess of unhealthy snacks, cakes and chocolate!

  • The parties. I know integrating the parties into the fan village was probably a necessity but I felt they just became a place to get a drink or food and then go out and mix with everyone else rather than have a party atmosphere in itself. The distinct lack of small parties or room parties was shame as well. By the way, for party organisers - my vote goes to the parties that provide savoury food and fruit over chocolate and crisps any time.

  • The black plastic chairs, cheap is one thing, dangerous another.

  • The Art Show (content NOT organisation). I felt it was uninspiring and have commented elsewhere about the excess of unnecessary bare breasts. (How many bare male chests were there? So much for gender parity!)

  • Kicking out of the Fan Village at midnight on Monday. Apart from the fact that we could have gone on a lot longer, it appears to have been overlooked that this would be a problem and the lack of notice and subsequent need for me and others to harass people out of the hall was an unfortunate way to end the con.

  • Some sort of staff party at the end would have been a nice touch.

  • I was not impressed by Premier Inn as they should have warned us a twin is a double room with an extra bed put in it. It was actually quite comfortable but next time cobrabay, I GET THE DOUBLE BED. :) (BTW sorry I ate your breakfast by mistake!)

Always end on a big high

  • The number of people who came up to the desk on the Monday to say they had had a wonderful time at Loncon 3 and asked us to pass on their gratitude to the Chairs and Committee and everyone who made it happen.

And Finally...

a BIG BIG thank you to miramon and eleyan for the lift home, I was really not looking forward to the train journey across London with my poor aching feet.

Another part of my childhood disappearing

Posted on 2014.07.30 at 18:32
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Huge fire on Eastbourne Pier. I spent many hours on that pier. looks like it is just the slot machine arcade in the centre of the structure and the big ballroom and bar look to be OK. Hopefully, the structure can be made sound and repaired by next summer.


How long LiveJournal?

Posted on 2014.07.11 at 10:26
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Logged in this morning and LiveJournal had installed their new layout. It was horrible. Nothing about it was better that I had before.

  • So I clicked on the button to revert to old version. Nothing happened.

  • So I went into the various themes and setup pages, experimenting but nothing had any affect.

  • So I found ANOTHER use old layout button and this one worked. But of course I had changed my theme by then. My old theme was simple and clear and familiar but considering I set it when I first used LJ (about 50 years ago) the theme doesn't seem to exist any more. So I have spent ages trying to find one I like.

  • So I have one. It is all pastal purples and stuff. Not really what I wanted but the layout is clear.

But now I am wondering how long I can put up with LJ, how long Google+ will survive and how long I can continue to resist Facebook and Twitter?

I did once go through the process of setting up a twitter account but before I clicked the send button I thought "Why do I want this?" and I cancelled. But these days without a twitter account it is getting difficult to keep up with people and communicate with others.

And without a Facebook account I am definitely "out of the loop" within the SF community, my wider circle of friends, my family and, highly frustratingly, commercially as more and more companies use Facebook (and twitter) at the expense of all others ways of communicating, advertising and promotions.

So how long can I resist? It's looking like not much longer but I will not be happy the day I have to succumb to the inevitable.

I was one of the 142,000

Posted on 2014.02.15 at 11:34
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Power went at 00:15 last night and returned at 11:00 this morning. Freezer appears to have survived.

The neighbours fence is damaged and being held up by my Wisteria but no point in repairing it until the spring in case we get any more.

The army, police, fire service and local council officers are or have been just down the road pumping water that has overflowed the Holy Brook and is trapped by the railway so is threatening a number of houses. I reckon I am a good six feet above that level so not in imminent danger but worrying times.

I hope all my FL are safe and warm.

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